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Access, share and manage Standards with ease on i2i

Discover simple access to Standards

i2i is a cloud-based, configurable and secure platform for the storage, retrieval and distribution of Standards, policies and technical documentation. It centralises document management, enhances collaboration and enables you to control costs, improve efficiencies and maintain compliance.

Intuitive search

Quickly find the documents you need using predictive search, filters and more to access what you need easily.

Customised collections

Create collections of documents to suit a range of user, team, department or project needs.

User permissions

Set different access levels and multiple administrators on your account for easy management at scale.

Alert service

Add any documents to your Watchlist and receive platform and email notifications when they change.

Reports and dashboards

Access in-depth insights of Standards usage and user uptake to continually optimise your subscription.

Purchase processes

Gain access to additional Standards with flexible purchase options to continue meeting changing needs.

Comparing Standards

Instantly view the differences between two versions of a document through a side-by-side view to significantly save time and costs with our newest feature, Compare.


Standards and technical documents


Publishers including leading SDOs and NSBs


Global i2i users from a variety of industries


Countries, supporting 7 languages

Enhance collaboration
with your team

With the included collaboration features, you can easily share, comment, tag and more to improve how Standards are used between workers, teams and the organisation as a whole.

Tag Users
Web Links

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Want to learn more about how i2i can improve your use of Standards, or how to add more features to your current subscription? Get in touch with one of our experts:

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